• The Mac (map)
  • 10 Exchange St
  • Belfast, Northern Ireland, bt12nj
  • United Kingdom

Recognising that photography has played a major role in our collective view of gender and sexuality, the panel will be discussing how the camera has been used to construct (and de-construct) gender binaries.  

The panel will address this theme’s relevance both in an international context and in relation to Northern Ireland. Within the context of this discussion, the panel will consider the festival themes and how photography approaches topics such as proportional representation in the media. It will also consider the role of fashion photography in shaping identities and its censorship. 

Ronojoy Dam Group Creative Director - Dazed Media (Including: Dazed, Another Magazine, Another Man Magazine, Nowness, Hunger Magazine)  

Ryan Fitzgibbon Publisher – Hello Mr magazine

Ruth McCarthy  Director – Outburst Queer Arts Festival

Anthony Luvera Artist / Writer / Educator