• Ulster University (map)
  • 25-51 York Street
  • Belfast, Northern Ireland, BT1 2NR
  • United Kingdom

In this two day masterclass, participants are invited to present works at all stages of development – ranging from initiation phase to (nearly) accomplished. Mentor Erik Vroons (GUP Magazine, The Netherlands)  will share his expertise in regards to how to elevate a project to a next level, and will guide you through all steps towards a final presentation.

Based on his experience as picture editor, Vroons will address a wide range of issues concerning the practice of documentary and art photographers. He can give valuable and to-the-point feedback in regards to: how to approach an editor, how to customise a portfolio for a specific medium or platform, the do's and don'ts, etcetera. Furthermore, he will give practical assignments that can help you when applying for awards and grants; shape the articulation of your creative ideas; improve your artistic 'voice'.

Masterclass - Project Development
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